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Review of Sinsations
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  Posted By: Doughboy the Titty Bar King Posted On: 11/11/2012
  Atmosphere:  This is a typical strip club
  Dancer Looks:  Above Average
Dancer Ratio:  The club was full of dancers
Drink Service:  The service was great
Rating:  (4.0 out of 5 stars)

A couple of weeks ago on a Thursday night I stopped in to this place at around 9:30 or 10:00. Prior to this night, the last time I was there was when the place was called JR's. Much to my surprise, there were plenty of girls and almost all were very attractive (let's just say there is a certain type I never find attractive). I would say they were 8s and 9s but if you don't care for tattoos, you would certainly rate them lower. I don't mind the tattoos and sometimes find them to be extra sexy. Now I like slutty looking girls and don't care much for plastic, skinny supermodels and so you will not find any of that here. In fact, I would suggest that young boys not go here because you will not appreciate what you get.

There is no alcohol served there but you can get an endless cup of mixer...I mean soft drink. The service was great and the bar tender will still go topless for a $5 tip. Speaking of $5, that is how you get a girl naked on stage. The clothes will not come off unless there is at least $5 on the stage. Think about it guys, how much do you tip a girl you like while she is dancing with your $1 bills? My suggestion is to ask the bartender for $5 bills instead of ones because the girls only dance one song at a time. After the first song, they move to the other half of the stage, put their clothes back on and await another $5 on the stage.

There are two girls on the stage at a time and they only dance to two songs. If you want to see them naked for both songs it will require $10. I assure you, you will enjoy it.

All but one girl had natural breasts, some big some small. If you are a silicone junkie you will not appreciate this place at all. Natural breasts are soft and sag a little...or a lot. I love them!

Private dances are $25/song and not exactly private but not exactly public either. There is a VIP room past the bathrooms that is actually in that mysterious other building you will see when you get in the parking lot. There are booths but the walls are only about four feet high so you can see everything going on as you are guided to your booth. There is no fee to go into the area other than the cost per dance. The room is pretty dark and it has its own DJ/attendant. Now this DJ guy keeps his back to the girls almost the entire time yet does keep track of the number of songs. He also does not shorten the songs but I will have to admit that some of the music made it difficult for me to determine when one song ended and another began.

Let me tell you guys that for $25 you will get the best possible dance. The private dances are full contact. FULL! I had a full contact dance at Mons Venus a few months ago and the girl just stripped naked and sat in my lap and and didn't do much. THIS IS NOT A MONS VENUS DANCE! Comparatively, one would be willing to pay double for a dance at Sinsation's vs. one at the Mons. Get it?

I never review the individual girls, just my own policy. But I got dances from three if them, every one was very sexy to the max. I did spend most of the night with one particular girl and spent a lot of money but I closed the place down so I was there for more than 4 hours.

One more bit of information: I was stone cold sober the entire time. I didn't happen to bring anything to mix in my Diet Coke and I had just arrived in town so had not even had a beer prior so you can see the credibility of my review as it was not an adventure whilst wearing beer goggles. I am looking forward to going back but with a little buzz this time in order to seek even more enjoyment.

Here is what I did not like: I would have rather have had a beer but I do appreciate the vulva which is not really an option at a topless club. Vulva is more important to me than beer. I also did not like the smoke in the club. I guess I am bad due to being an ex-smoker but the next day I was coughing and hacking as if I had smoked the night before. Plus my clothes smelled awful. I like to smell the stripper perfume the next morning but the smoke covered that all up. Also, the bathroom area smelled like shit...the entire night. Something was wrong there and did create a bit of a negative experience going back and forth to the VIP room.

Finally I would like to say that if you like the trashy/slutty type, natural looking nude girls with tattoos and can stand the smoke, you will love this place, especially if you acquire some little airplane liquor bottles. If this is not your type of club, try Rachel's in Orlando near the airport. The girls all look like models with fake boobies and won't touch you and you don't touch them and you can get a beer for $7 (see my review there).

I am looking forward to returning in early December when I have to make another trip over there. I hope the girls that danced for me are still there.

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